Personal Assistant

At Your Service

At Your Service


Do you want to spend your valuable time handling the menial personal details of your life or your business? Or would you prefer to turn those responsibilities over to a trustworthy, detail-oriented professional who has your best interests at heart? That’s where I come in!

Maybe you have a parent or grandparent who needs help to take care of his/her personal accounting. Maybe you own a small business, and you want to spend more of your time performing the service you went into business to offer, instead of taking care of business details. Maybe you need help to draft a simple legal document, or to complete an online form (or to determine what form to file). Maybe you need someone to review your grammar and English skills for something you’ve written so that it will be letter perfect. Maybe you need an independent contractor (rather than an employee) to help in your office for a few hours, or a few days. Maybe you want to throw a party, and spend your time enjoying your guests rather than worrying about the food or the drinks. I can help you!

Palm Springs, CA