Beyond a nominal booking fee, it does NOT cost you more to take advantage of the services of a professional travel agent. We are paid by the “suppliers,” so there is NO additional cost to you to take advantage of our services.


As a travel professional with extensive experience, knowledge, and training, I will learn what you desire by asking the right questions. Supplier agents will not take the time to get to know you, and each time you call a tour operator, resort or cruise line, you will be speaking with a different agent, requiring you to repeat your desires or reservation information over and over again. The same thing applies to online booking agencies. They offer NO personal service, NO experience, and little or NO knowledge at all.


We are constantly updating our product knowledge through continuing education courses (product & destination seminars, tradeshows, seminars at sea, and ship inspections). We also provide knowledgeable advice and documentation on many other things not provided to you when you book directly with a supplier, such as options regarding travel insurance, air and hotel, ground transportation, excursions, and many others.


No single tour company, resort or cruise line is “right” for everyone. When you call a supplier, the agent you speak with can only sell that company’s product, whether it is right for you or not. They will never recommend a competitor’s product. We research information from all suppliers and look for the best options that are right for you. Online booking agencies will NOT do ANY research for you and will NOT offer you ANY advice.


When you book directly with a tour operator, resort or cruise line, you are paying for something that you are NOT receiving—the services of a professional travel agent; an “ADVOCATE” for you. You represent just one booking to a tour company, resort or cruise line. I represent hundreds of bookings, and the entire Dream Vacations organization represents tens of thousands. We have volume. We have clout. You have none.

I work hard to build an open, honest, and long-lasting relationship with all of my clients and to provide them with the best value for their vacation dollar. I will treat your vacation as if it were my own.

Dream Vacations – Palm Springs

Bill Burdon

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